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The need for a harmonious and functional organization of space has accompanied me since childhood. For the first time I virtually "outfitted" lift, which jammed when I was six years old. Waiting for help I was imagining, what would happen, if I had to be there forever.

From childhood attracted me all possible forms of creativity, from the scenic spots of ink on the wall, to cuting the carpet into the tassels. A natural consequence of children's tendencies was a conscious choice of the School of Art, and later gradiuate Architecture and Urban Planning Studies at the Technical University of Lodz. In the third year of study, in cooperation with a German company, I swallowed an "eco bug", and since then the password "PASSIVE HOUSE" raises my blood pressure to dangerous values . My adventure with passive architecture continues to this day.

As an architect, I am curious. I love to travel, experience and look, and thus constantly acquire knowledge. It is the duty of every creative architect. Working in an international team has opened me to the unconventional perception of the world and space.

And because an architect does not live on architecture and engineering alone :) I like to dig sometimes in the snow while skiing, I like to swim, run with music in my ears. I love mountains, silent contact with nature.
I encourage you to familiarize yourself with gallery of my projects.
Extensive CV and references which I placed on my constantly evolving website.


MSc. Magdalena arch Wajnchold